Today we were planning on writing a blog about Easter. About our risen Savior, about our Hope that we have through Jesus Christ (#ThereIsAlwaysHope). But realized… then you wouldn’t come to church this weekend!

So here’s your invite! We would love to see you here at Greenbrier Nazarene this Saturday Night at 6:30 or Sunday Morning at 10:00. I can promise it will be worth your time! And if you were already planning on coming this weekend, invite a friend! They won’t come unless you invite them!

We are so excited to see you at church this weekend! And if you haven’t heard about it yet, come to our Easter Egg Hunt at Eastside Elementary on Friday at 5:30! We have food for 1,000 people, and 30,000 EASTER EGGS!

We hope to see you this weekend, and be sure to come meet one of our staff so we can say hello!

Greenbrier Nazarene Staff