It’s that time of year again. Easter is just right around the corner! Easter is one of our favorite times of the year, and we have BIG plans! We will have two Easter services on Saturday and Sunday Easter weekend, and don’t forget about the HUGE Easter Egg Hunt at Eastside on Good Friday! If you want any more information on those events, check out our Facebook page!

And church, with all of this coming up, we need your help! You’ve probably seen our post with the top reasons you need to stop by the Welcome Center at church this Sunday, but if not, here is what you can do to help us out:

  • We need volunteers at the Egg hunt! From handing out hotdogs, to manning the inflatables, to cleaning up, we need help. You can sign up to volunteer at the welcome center!
  • We also need volunteers for our two Easter Services! You can man the welcome center, help greet, or serve in many other areas.
  • We are still just shy of 30,000 eggs for the Egg hunt! So, if you have any that you have been packing, be sure to bring them with you to church! And if you haven’t had the chance to help us out yet, bring a bag of candy, and we will hook you up!
  • Still looking for what you are going to be serving for Easter lunch? Our Student Ministry has you covered! Sign up at the welcome center to order enough smoked meat to feed your whole family!

But the biggest thing that we need your help with is getting the word out! While yes, the Easter season brings a log of fun with it, the reason we have all these events is because we want to reach the people in our community and show them Christ. And to do that, we need to get the word out. So share and like the events on Facebook, pick up a handout at the welcome center to give to your friends, and text someone to invite them. Our events are open to anyone who wants to attend, so make sure everyone knows about them!

And don’t forget, we have window and cup decals for $1, and starting this Sunday you can order the new GN short sleeved t-shirt!

We are so excited for what God has in store for our church and our community in the upcoming weeks, and we hope you are too! Don’t forget: the most important thing you can do is join us in prayer for God to make a difference in the lives of those in our community this Easter season, no matter where they are going to be.

Have a great weekend, and we will see you at church on Sunday!