This past week has been a typical week for me as a pastor. A roller coaster of emotions.

I normally love roller coasters. My boys will tell you that I started dragging them on roller coasters as soon as they were tall enough to reach the height requirement. And yes, I may have spiked their hair just to make sure! I found out very quickly though that MY love for roller coasters wasn’t passed down through my genes to the twins. They were TERRIFIED. And it just seemed like bad experience after bad experience. Once Hunter losing his new ball cap…another Hayden losing his glasses. I remember we were on one where they took your picture during the ride. We went to the photo place after it was over and one of the boys had a look on his face I’ll never forget….it was half laughing…half about to cry. He didn’t know if he was dying or having fun!

Yep…that’s ministry.

Last Wednesday night we had an impromptu baptism service after our bible study. God is good! I left the platform and was met by a family with their 9-year-old little girl. She wanted to be saved. She began to share with me what being saved meant to her and why she wanted to be baptized with tears running down her beautiful cheeks. She didn’t need me. She was already a daughter of the King! I just helped her confirm it and scheduled her baptism for this coming Sunday. Needless to say, I was thrilled. I was at the very top of the roller coaster and it was incredible.

We locked everything up and I had just got to my truck and my phone rings…the bottom fell out…I didn’t see it coming and it took my breath. A family that I dearly love was facing a crisis we never saw approaching. Over the next few days I agonized, prayed and begged God to help. I’m sure as he looked down on my face he saw half laughter and half crying. But the reminder came… “Remember you and your boys on the roller coaster?” “You never would have let anything happen to them. They only got on the ride because they knew you would be there beside them.” And then it was almost as if my Father spoke to me audibly and said, “Hang on. I’m here.”

Every day since has had its ups and downs. It has definitely been a roller coaster and it seems there have been more dips, dives and turns than mountaintops this week. But here’s one thing I know: My Father is beside me. He will never leave me. And I’m going to hang on. Maybe today He just wants to remind you….I’m here…hang on…the ride only lasts…A LITTLE WHILE! (1 Peter 1:6)

Oh and P.S. My boys LOVE roller coasters now that they are older. Maybe they did get a few of my genes!

Steve, Senior Pastor