So sorry that you missed our post last week! Things got a little hectic around here and we just didn’t get one out in time! But we are back at it this week.


Since the last blog that I wrote, I have been really fascinated by a short passage of scripture. It was first pointed out to me during some of my classwork, and since then it has taken over my thoughts. And lucky you guys: you get to read about all the things that are on the staff’s mind throughout the weeks.

I want you to go to your Bible (Or your Bible App, or whatever you use to read scripture) and read 2 Kings 4:1-7.

Now, you better read it, or the rest of this isn’t going to make any sense to you!

This passage of scripture paints a beautiful picture of how God helps us when we find ourselves in need.

A woman comes to Elisha with a great need, her sons are about to be sold into slavery to pay a debt that she can’t pay on her own. What I want you to notice here is exactly the question that Elisha asks her. He asks: “What do you have in the house?”

She only has one tiny flask of oil to her name. Now God easily could have filled her house full of riches. He could have had gold piled up to the roof top, silks and furs piled 10 feet high, anything! But instead, he used the one thing the woman already had.

This is exactly what God does for us. When we need help, He finds it in the things we already have, even if we don’t see it ourselves. He doesn’t always bestow new things, or new talents, or more money to us, but he gives us a way to make it through.

Now on to the next part of the scripture. Elisha tells the woman and her sons to gather up all of the jars that they can find. BIG jars! LOTS of jars! As many of you can find! Then they are going to gather them all up in the room, and SHUT THE DOOR. This is the most interesting part of the story to me: that they have to shut the door for the miracle to happen.

This means that they are the only ones that actually saw the miracle happen. No one else was in the room, the recipients were the only ones! I don’t know why, but this is so fascinating to me. So many times when I think about a miracle, I think about something big and flashy, that grabs peoples attention, and instantly makes everyone who saw it believe. But I don’t have any idea where I get this notion from. Almost every miracle in the Bible was disappointingly unflashy. There were never any strobe lights or smoke. It wasn’t performed with showmanship and awe. It was small scale, almost like a secret. And this miracle is no exception to that. It was done in a way that if you were to tell people about it, they probably wouldn’t believe you, because they hadn’t seen it! But it still happened, it was still a miracle. And not only that, but the widow and her sons had to work to make it happen! They didn’t just sit back and God do all the work. They had to prepare for the miracle, and they had to work for it to be completed.

God still works in this same way. He uses things that we already have to fulfill our needs. He doesn’t provide in ways that everyone else can see, in fact maybe sometimes not even the recipient can see how it happens! And He doesn’t just provide without effort coming from our end too.

I know that this isn’t our best blog that we have come out with, but here’s what I want you to do: I want you to keep this in your mind. Sincerely search for what God is using to help you in your area of need. What is it that you already have that He is using? I also want you to search for the miracle that is happening behind the closed door. Is there something that God is doing in your life that you have looked over? Take a minute today and really chew on these questions, and we will see you back here next week!

Hunter, Creative Arts Director