I have been fascinated by this word this week. You know how sometimes you just can’t stop thinking about something, and it fills your mind… almost like an obsession? That’s what my week has been like.

The definition of “enchant” is “to fill someone with great delight; charm” or “to put someone or something under a spell.”

When I think about that word, I picture a little kid listening to a story… Their eyes are wide, their mouths are silent, their ears are attentive. They are hanging on every word; their imagination is running wild picturing the story in their mind… Their focus is on the characters, the events, the plot. They are longing for the ending. What’s going to happen next?? Is he going to make it?? They jump with fright, they gasp in disbelief, and they laugh and smile in triumph.

It’s a beautiful thing, enchantment.

I want you to think about the last time you were truly enchanted by a story. It may have been when you were half way through a 13 hour Netflix binger, so you could finally finish that season of your favorite show. Maybe your friend is a great story teller, and they know exactly how to draw you in. You felt like you were really there. Or maybe you were reading a good book, and you just couldn’t put it down. You got so wrapped up in the story, that you actually shed a tear when your favorite character died…

It’s a beautiful thing, enchantment.

Now, I want you to think about the first time that you heard the story of David and Goliath. Maybe you were young, maybe not. But as you heard the story, you could practically see the nine-foot-tall giant standing in front of you. You watched as David carefully chose his stones. And as he loaded the sling and began to twirl it around, the hairs on the back of your neck started to stand up. Just a sling?? No way! That’s a GIANT! And as the stone left the sling… you could picture it traveling across the ground in slow motion. You could even almost hear the “thud” when Goliath fell to the ground…

But when was the last time you read the Bible that way? When was the last time you read your Bible and you were truly enchanted by the stories?

There are lots of great ways to study your Bible. You can go verse by verse, analyzing and trying to find what God is trying to say to you. You can go chapter by chapter, book by book. You can google “scripture on dealing with loss”, “scripture on anger”, or any other topic and you will find a dozen Bible verses that relate to what you are going through. And that is great! I am not at all knocking any of these ways to read scripture.

What I do want you to ask you though, is this: Has reading your Bible become a chore? Is it just another thing that you mark off your to-do list at the beginning of the day? Do you still enjoy reading your Bible?

There are times when I don’t.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the study of the word, that I lose the story. It becomes tedious, and it seems like I can get to a point where I’m just not getting anything out of it anymore.

One great thing about the Bible is that you can study it every day and dig up something new that you have never found before. But I believe the greatest thing about the Bible is that you can read it every day and find a story.

You can find a story of hope. A story of love. A story of war. A story of murder. A story of rebellion. A story of mystery. And you can find a story of salvation. A story of Jesus.

And yes, the Bible is so much more than just a story book. These stories happened, and they have meaning, and they are important. But when we are surrounded by things that capture our attention and our imagination… Don’t you think that God would love it if we read the Bible stories like we used to? Wouldn’t he love it if we became re-enchanted with His word? His word can capture us just like any other book, it can make our imagination run wild just like it did when you were a little kid.

Maybe as a church, we need to get re-enchanted with God.

When we start to burn out, or we get tired, we have to try something new.

Along with that, what better way is there to get someone started reading the Bible than to enchant them with one of its captivating stories? To show them the pain and the suffering that Jesus felt on the cross, to make them feel like they were there watching as He said “It is finished.” I can’t imagine how anyone could read that without feeling something.

It’s a beautiful thing, enchantment.

I challenge you today to find one of the many stories in the Bible, and let it enchant you. It’s time that we find joy in the study of the Word again. Let’s get re-enchanted with God.

Hunter, Creative Arts Director