Hey guys! Before we get to this weeks Christmas Devotional, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of your help the past few weeks. It seems like we have taken a lot of our blogs to brag on our church members… Well if you guys would quit being so awesome we would stop talking about it! Our schools have been in desperate need this Christmas season, and you guys really stepped up to the challenge. You have provided 37 kids with dress clothes, and have taken countless of the angels from the Angel Trees in our schools across the district. These items are for kids in our school system that  don’t have the opportunities that some of us do. When we presented the needs to our church, more than half of the angels that we had collected were claimed within the hour! Thank you so much for being willing to let God use you! And if you haven’t claimed an angel yet and would like to take one, well we have just a few more left so call the church and let us know! Thank you for all that you do! Now I’ll let you get on to our weekly Christmas Devotional! This week’s may be short, but it packs a big punch!


This week we are going to skip to Luke 1 for the next piece of our reading because I love the description in this scripture.  Please read the entire chapter when you have time but we are going to focus on vs. 26-38.  Read the message Gabriel spoke to Mary and think about all the things that would soon be going through Mary’s mind from an earthly perspective.  What would Joseph do?  How would she ever make him believe that she had not been unfaithful to him when she was suddenly pregnant?  How would she tell him?  What would her family and friends say?  Young unwed girls could be stoned for getting pregnant.  Would this happen to her?

This world brings great trouble to everyone, even the mother of Jesus, our Saviour.  But look at the assurances Gabriel spoke to her:  

“You who are highly favored!  The Lord is with you!”

“Do not be afraid.”

“You have found favor with God.”

“For nothing is impossible with God.”

God had a specific heavenly purpose for Mary’s life.  A purpose that would never be duplicated again.  In a moment, her life went from ordinary to extraordinary, from a life that would cause no one to take notice to one which would be recorded on the pages of the greatest book ever written and read about repeatedly for thousands of years.  

Flip back to Matthew 1 and read 18-25.  This is how God worked it out.  I’m sure Mary could see no way for her relationship with Joseph to continue so that they could have a good life together.  According to the limitations of simple humans, this would have never been possible.  Again, God responded in a miraculous way and their relationship was totally restored.  There is nothing that is impossible with God.

As we focus on this Christmas season and spend time reflecting on our Saviour’s birth, note the pieces of Gabriel’s message that apply to each and every child of God:  “Do not be afraid”; “For nothing is impossible with God.”  Peace, love, and restoration are God’s specialties.  These are what His Son came to represent.

Lenett Thrasher, Pastor’s Wife