If you didn’t know, October is pastor appreciation month! We want to take just a short time to thank everyone who has given the pastoral staff so much love this past month. Our senior pastor, Steve, has received a gift every single day in the month of October from one of our church members and it has truly blessed him and our staff!

But we wanted to take this week’s blog and, as a staff, give you some reasons that we appreciate our senior pastor:

1. You’re all about growing the church

But not in the way that most would think… You are constantly “encouraging” our congregation to have babies. In fact, we think that you have probably mentioned it 4 times from the pulpit in the past two months. And, well… it must be working, because our church has had TEN newborn babies since MAY… Which is absolutely ridiculous. I mean… growing the church is growing the church, no matter how it happens… right? So church, keep having babies and as Pastor Steve says: “Have fun while in the process…”

2. You make sure people are always comfortable

People can say a lot about our church, but they can never say that we are too formal. Not only will our pastor only wear a tie to a funeral or a wedding, but most of the time our worship leader doesn’t even have SHOES on… We are just doing our part to make sure everyone is comfortable when they step into the doors of GN.

3. You make sure we always have the best when it comes to food

As soon as you became pastor, we went to 1 potluck a year… and just a couple years after that; we started having that event catered! While we are sure that our church members are some of the best cooks around… Why chance it? The potluck may be dead at GN… but if you want some great pie, we still have an annual pie supper that is coming up before too long!

4. You greet as many people as possible

In fact, you take this to the next level. You can look at two people at one time and tell them hello, and that takes talent! To put it in your own words “I’m not talking to you! I may be looking at you with this eye, but the other one is looking at them!”

5. You always keep the staff on their toes

I’m not sure if our congregation knows this, but if the pastor is relieved of his duties… The whole staff has to turn in their resignation as well. And while we have full trust in your abilities, sometimes we look at each other after a joke from the pulpit and say “Well.. It’s been nice working with you all, but I’m afraid we are all going to be out of a job tomorrow…” But it hasn’t happened yet! Maybe keep the jokes to a minimum in the future though…

In all seriousness, we really do appreciate our senior pastor. We not only work for one of the best churches in the world, but we have the best boss in the world! And of course, all of those points are just for fun. If you think we are serious, then you need to get to know your church staff a little better!

If you haven’t told your pastor how much you love and appreciate him, then be sure to let him know this week! A pastor doesn’t make a church, but it sure does help to have a great leader with a great vision at the helm of a ship. Well… not great physical vision… because he is basically blind… but you get what we mean.

So thank you, Steve, for being a great leader and pastor, your church and staff truly appreciate you.

Your Church Staff