It is a phrase that we hear almost daily. Churches around America today preach that the best is still on the way, we just need to wait it out. It is a message of hope, a message of faith. Yes, things may not be going well for us at the moment, but it will all turn out great in the future because the best is yet to come!

For some of us this phrase is our life motto. Things today might not be going as well as we hope, but the best is coming tomorrow! For others, this is absolutely the opposite of their view. The best was yesterday, and it is all downhill from here! We see these two differing sides even in our presidential campaign. With cries of “Make America Great Again” appealing to those who think that our best days have been behind us, and the other side crying out that America is still great, and will only become greater.

But where did this phrase come from? Most of us would probably say that it comes from scripture… Somewhere… Maybe… Well, I’m sure Paul wrote it in there somewhere! But, in fact, the phrase “the best is yet to come” is never once used in scripture. Actually, Paul says the exact opposite, that things are only going to get worse! (Check out 2 Timothy 3) The verse that many attribute to this phrase is 1 Corinthians 2:9: “However, as it is written: ‘What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived’ – the things God has prepared for those who love him-” Notice that this verse never once states “the best is yet to come.” It simply says that we have no idea what is coming next. Good or bad, we cannot fathom what is ahead of us tomorrow.

So let me ask you … Is the best really yet to come?

As we look at the state of our world today, we look at a lost people. When we hold the values and the morals of the world up today, they don’t measure up with the values that we hold as Christians. And the fact of the matter is, it’s not going to get better. We aren’t going to wake up one day and suddenly the world has decided that they are going to stick to the values that we hold. We aren’t going to wake up one day and see that sin has left this world. We aren’t going to wake up tomorrow morning and think in any way that our world has gotten better. In fact, it is much more probable that we wake up each morning seeing that our world has only gotten worse… That the world has gotten even further away from the values that we hold as Christians.

So is the best truly yet to come? Is the best still ahead of us while we watch our loved ones get sick and die? Is the best still ahead of us when we are looked down upon for our beliefs? Is the best still ahead of us when we get the bad news from the doctor… it’s cancer. Is the best still ahead of us when the people that are supposed to be loving the world, Christians, are instead condemning and casting judgement on it?

It would be easy for us to look back and say “Yep, the greatest days of this world have already passed us by. The best was yesterday!” But as Christians… how could we ever let ourselves truly believe that?

If we truly believe that the best days are behind us, then what would motivate us to reach out to this lost and lonely world? What would drive us to love others? What would compel us to grow and strengthen our relationship with our Father?

As Christians, we have to believe that the best days are ahead of us. While yes, the world isn’t going to be getting any better anytime soon, that should absolutely mean nothing to us. Because we aren’t called to reach out to a world only if we believe it is going to get better. We aren’t called to try and fix the world’s problems.

We are called to show them Jesus.

Because with Jesus, the best is always ahead.

As Christians we look to something bigger than just the world that we live in. In our lifetime, we will never see the greatness that is coming… But long after we are all dead and buried, the best will come.

So set your mind on things above. (Col. 3:2) Reach out to the world that needs Jesus. Don’t live your life like you expect the world to change tomorrow, because it won’t. And definitely don’t live your life like there is nothing good left to fight for… But live your life for eternity. Because when we put our lives in the scope of eternity, no matter how bad things get today or tomorrow… The best is yet to come.

Hunter, Creative Arts Director