Now… I know what you’re thinking… “WHAT?! A blog on Tuesday?! This messes up my whole week!” Well, I can understand. In the two months that we have been posting, you have probably gotten used to reading our blog every Thursday at noon. At least… we hope you have gotten used to it.

We just KNOW that you are on the edge of your seat every single Thursday around noon, waiting for that next post to go up. SO. To celebrate the posting of our 10th blog (THIS ONE!), we have decided to give you a few resources to tide you over while you are waiting on us! We have compiled a list of 10 GREAT blogs that should be on your must-read list! Some of them are daily devotionals, some are informational, some are other church blogs that we LOVE, some are for men, some are for women, and all of them are necessary reading. We are all about not only giving you resources to further your spiritual growth, but also joining together with Christians not just in our community but around our country to help spread the Good News! So check out these 10 blog sites, and I will see you back here NEXT Thursday!

Daily Devotionals

10. Prayer and Fast

This daily devotional from Bayside Community Church is an awesome daily read for you to start your morning with! They are short, concise, and are a joy to read!

9. Walk in the Word

Walk in the Word with James MacDonald posts daily devotionals that are a little bit lengthier, include a daily prayer and daily challenges, and also include journaling questions for those of you who love to write it all down!

8. Sonshine

Our very own Gretchen Rooney is the author of this one! Gretchen posts every single day, and always has an interesting read with stories, challenging messages, and encouragement! We are so proud to call her one of our own! She even lets us post her writings every now and again!


7. Managing God’s Resources at Home & Work

Art Rainer gives great advice on how to manage your finances in a Godly way. He publishes spiritual posts, as well as helpful market and financial information. This is a great blog for everyone, but especially young adults who are struggling with finances out in the “real world.” While you’re at it, go check out his father’s blog on growing healthy churches, or his brother’s blog on church leadership.

Just for Men or Just for Women

6. Living Proof Ministries Blog

Beth Moore is a name that everyone is familiar with! As a church, our women do a few of her bible studies every year, and now, you can read her thoughts any time you want! She offers great encouragement and teaching, and you can find a lot of her videos through this blog as well.

5. Authentic Manhood

Our men may remember the Men’s 33 bible study that we did a year or two ago. This is from the creators of the 33 series, and is a great read for all men. Whether you are struggling with your work, with your faith, with your marriage, or with your kids, Authentic Manhood has something for you.

Churches we LOVE

4. Hillsong Collected

Everyone knows the name Hillsong. Whether you are looking for worship, daily devotionals, encouragement, heart pulling stories, or helpful resources… This blog from Hillsong has something for you, guaranteed!

3. Life Church

Craig Groeschel and his staff do a GREAT job at life church. Life church is not only the biggest church in America today, but it is the biggest church in American history! They are the creators of the YouVersion Bible app and so many more resources that you use, and you probably don’t even know it! Go check out their blog for some great resources and insights.

2. New Spring

New Spring is a church in South Carolina that is making a HUGE difference in their area. Their blog is full of really challenging messages. You will be hard pressed to find something there that doesn’t speak to you in some way. They are a great resource for anyone, no matter where you are at in your faith journey.

1. Greenbrier Nazarene

Hey… I bet you recognize this one! But hey, if you are just super loyal, and don’t want to read any other blogs but this one… Then while you are waiting on Thursday, go read the posts that you haven’t gotten around to yet! Or if you have already read all of those, then read them again!!

We want to say thank you to everyone who keeps up with this blog every week. Y’all are great, and we hope to keep it up for a very long time. So here’s to number 10, with many more to come!

Hunter, Creative Arts Director