You may not know much that goes on in our offices throughout the week. It is always interesting… And trust me when I say that it takes a special person to work full time at a church! But here are just a few things that the staff at Greenbrier Nazarene really want you to know:

  1. Sometimes, when you ask us questions… We Google them.

None of us have all the answers! Sometimes you can ask us questions that kind of blow our mind! To effectively answer you… well the internet is a great thing. Our commentaries are a great source of information, but Google is a lot faster.

  1. Our job descriptions change daily.

The truth of the matter is, if we just sat down and did what we needed to do to get ready for Sunday and Wednesday services, it might only take us a day or two at most during the week… But that isn’t how it works. Every day that I walk into the office, I have no idea what career I could have that day. I could be a professional furniture mover, a janitor, a maintenance man, a construction worker, a sound technician, a teacher, a blogger, an accountant, or (my favorite one) just a friend. And that’s just the things that I’ve done today! Working at the church is truly a full time job that takes a wide variety of skill sets.

  1. We realize that you have a life outside the church.

We realize that sometimes we can ask a lot from our church members. We have a lot of activities, volunteer opportunities, and ministry that we do inside and outside the walls of our church, and we want you to be a part of that! But we understand that you are just as busy as we are. You have lives outside the church. You are busy with school and work activities. Ball games and group meetings, volunteering and staying generally busy. We totally understand that. So we do not expect you to be at every single event that we have going on. In fact, sometimes we don’t even make it to every event that the church hosts, and that’s our job! But please know that:

  1. We need you. Desperately.

We really do. We can’t do the ministry that we feel like we have been called to do without you. We need your help! A staff of four people can’t effectively run a church that is our size without the help of our members. There has to be a worship team, people helping with the kids, people in the nursery, ushers, youth group leaders, small group leaders, and so much more for us to run just a Sunday morning service. We won’t ask you to give us 10 hours a week on top of your already filled up lives, that’s ridiculous! And we won’t beg you or try to guilt you into helping, that’s not what Jesus would expect from a church. And we would never ask you to put your other ministries outside of the church such as PTO, other volunteer opportunities, ministering to other kids and families, or city council on hold for us. But to keep our ministry to you and to our community going, we need some help!

Shameless plug: If you would like to get involved in our church, hit me up. I can find you something to do that you will LOVE being a part of.

  1. We aren’t as cool as we think we are… But we think we are really cool.

Being humble doesn’t come easily to people who are this awesome, but we are working on it! On that note:

  1. We aren’t perfect, and we know it!

So there’s no need to remind us of it! No, I’m just kidding. But seriously, we strive for excellence each day at work. That’s what we expect from each other and what you should expect from us. But we realize that perfection is not attainable. Not only in the work place, but when it comes to our personal lives, not a single one of us is perfect. We all struggle with our own things, just like you. We can get angry, or come off harsh if we have had a particularly bad day. We mess up, we make mistakes, and we have to ask for forgiveness. But at the end of the day we ask God to pick us up, put the pieces back together, and to give us the strength to go to work and be the church.

  1. Sunday is game day.

We spend all week preparing for Sunday. We get music together, practice, write sermons, prepare slides, pictures, and videos, and when Sunday gets here, we have our game face on. Like I said earlier, we strive for excellence. We want you to be proud to bring friends to YOUR church. And while we put in all this work to make our Sunday morning services the way that we want them… Sometimes everything goes wrong. The sound system bugs out, sermon notes get overlooked, the lights won’t turn on, the program that runs our slides crashes, there is no telling what could happen. But we know that when it comes down to it, God is in complete control over our services, and He is going to do whatever He wants. And we are totally okay with that. Whatever He wants to happen is what we want to happen. But we put our best efforts into every single service that we have. When we walk out of the church, even if everything went wrong, we know that we gave it our all.

  1. We sincerely and deeply love you.

We really do. We love our church more than any of you could ever know. Sometimes we may be frustrated or we may be very busy, and you may think that we have forgotten about you… But we haven’t. I promise that we will be there for you in an instant if you need us. Don’t ever forget how much your church staff loves you. We love every one that walks into our doors with the love of Jesus. And my prayer is that you can feel that love from us every single day. If you forget everything else I’ve written, remember that. #GNLoves


Hunter, Creative Arts Director