Write a BLOG they said…

It will be fun they said…it will be cool…everybody’s doing it they said…

Well if everybody else jumped off a bridge….I guess I’m jumping too. Our staff finally talked me into it. But I did negotiate a deal!

And here’s the deal…Let’s be different. Let’s do it different…because we’re Greenbrier Nazarene and that’s how we roll!

So instead of me banging my head on my desk week after week trying to think of something inspirational, creative and witty to write, I have asked our staff and my awesome wife, Lenett, (who is an incredible writer!) to join me in our tiny little blog spot….or blog space…or blog land….or blog acre or whatever this space is supposed to be called!

Some weeks will be informational. Some weeks will be inspirational…others may be challenging. Other weeks may just be pure comedy…because we’re all nuts once you really get to know us! But whatever the topic, we want you to join us. Posts will go up every Thursday at noon, with some extras thrown in throughout the week when we are feeling extra creative or there is something you need to know.

Through this, we believe you will get to know us a little better, but most of all, we’re praying that you will get to know Jesus better. We’re all on this journey together, so let’s encourage one another and cheer one another on as we share a relationship with Jesus. (1Thess. 5:11)

From time to time we may have a “guest” blogger join our conversation. Feel free to submit your ideas and we’ll let Carla decide if it gets published! 😉

We love you and we could not have chosen another group of believers that we would want to be on this journey with. So thank you for joining us!

I hope you enjoy the GN Blog!


Steve, Senior Pastor